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If you’re in the market to sell your Florida home soon, you may wonder if making a few improvements to your property will help increase its value and appeal. A perfect place to start is with your realtor. Real estate agents can provide you with excellent advice on what repairs will help your home sell.  

As Is Homes

The first consideration should be if you plan on selling your home “as is.” Generally speaking, most homes that are listed under this category need significant amounts of work. These properties would attract contractors and those who are looking to flip a house. The price of a home that’s being sold as is a bargain. That’s what makes these homes attractive. 

Fixer Uppers

Don’t mix up a home that’s “as is” with a fixer-upper. Buyers who are looking to make improvements to a home are looking at the cosmetic things. These buyers don’t mind painting, replacing sinks, or doing some serious landscaping. They want to make the property their own. A fixer-upper is not a property that needs a new roof, a new foundation, or many walls torn down. Major repairs aren’t a part of purchasing a fixer-upper.   

Fixer uppers can also give buyers a deal. They’re putting all the repair and replacements costs into consideration with their offers on these properties. This means as a seller, you’ll make a bit less, but your home could move faster off the market when you come in contact with the right buyer. The price of a fixer-upper home needs to make sense for buyers even to consider it. 

Look At Your Costs

If you’re selling your Florida home, making improvements to the property could make it more attractive and increase its value. The most significant thing you need to consider is whether or not you’ll get a substantial return on your investment. The repairs and improvements you do make should make sense. 

What’s Next

If you decide to make improvements to your Florida home before selling you, need to make a list and prioritize what’s best for you to do at your house. Make a list of everything that needs to be done in the home and see what’s in your budget and best interest to do. You can have a conversation with your realtor at this point to get ideas of what will bring your sale the most value.        

For many people, Florida is the ideal place to own a vacation home. With warm weather year-round and endless waterfront areas to choose from, there are a number of ways to score the perfect second home in the Sunshine State.

Furthermore, with the cost of real estate rising, owning a home in Florida could become an excellent investment and asset down the road. So, how do you get started with buying a Florida vacation home? Read on to find out.

1. Tour the state

A good way to get to know the diverse locations in the large state of Florida is to plan a vacation (or two) during which you travel some of the areas you’re considering.

Many people who buy vacation properties in Florida buy in the area that they’ve grown to love. And while that’s an excellent way to ensure you’ll love your home, you might be missing out on areas that you like even more.

3. What are you really looking for in a home?

Having priorities when home shopping is important, even if it’s your second home. If your top priority is to have a solid investment, then you might be okay if the house isn’t near your favorite golf course or restaurant.

However, if your home is all about having a place to relax, you might choose amenities over resale value.

2. Have a plan if you want to rent your home

Many people buy second homes in Florida as a way to earn income while they aren’t using the property. However, renting out a home comes with considerable responsibility. As a property manager, you’ll need to maintain the property and be available when something goes awry. Those expenses can add up easily.

Similarly, some communities have rules around renting out your property, so ensure you’re allowed to rent your property before closing on the house.

3. Don’t rush your purchase

You already have your own home, so you don’t need to worry about having a roof over your head. Wait it out and make sure you find the best home for the best price.

4. Learn the market

Home prices in Florida can vary drastically depending on location. Median prices in Miami Beach are around $500,000, whereas Sarasota prices hover around $270,000 or nearly half the cost.

5. Consider buying with others

If you want to buy a second home in Florida but are turned off by the prices, sharing the property could be a good alternative. However, just like renting an apartment with friends, difficulties can arise.

To avoid conflict or financial headaches, make sure you have an agreed upon plan for situations that might come up, such as:

  • Determining who gets the house during which weeks out of the year

  • Deciding how the costs will be split

  • Decide what will happen if someone wants out of the contract

6. Use an experienced agent

When you’re buying a house in an area you’re not familiar with, and where you can’t be at all times, it pays to have boots on the ground who you can trust. A real estate agent will be able to ensure things go smoothly for you so that your house is ready when you arrive to seal the deal. 

Can't get enough of the Florida beachfront? Purchase one of the luxury homes available near Florida's top beaches, and you can celebrate the beach life every day.

Ultimately, you should have no trouble finding a luxury residence near any of the following top beaches in Florida:

1. South Beach

A neighborhood in Miami Beach, South Beach brings the beauty and majesty of the Sunshine State to life.

South Beach offers 825 miles of beaches, including everything from dog-friendly beaches to nude beaches. Plus, all of these beaches are well maintained and of the highest quality, guaranteeing you can enjoy fun in the sun at any time.

Of course, no discussion of South Beach would be complete without mentioning the area's legendary attractions.

From South Beach's historic Art Deco architecture to its amazing waterfront dining, there's a lot to like both on and off the beach in this one-of-a-kind Sunshine State neighborhood.

2. Clearwater Beach

For those who appreciate the luxury of white sand beaches, you simply cannot go wrong at Clearwater Beach.

Many families make the trek to Clearwater Beach thanks in large part to the beach's clear, shallow water and awe-inspiring landmarks. In fact, Clearwater Beach offers the captivating Clearwater Marina, Pier 60 and other stellar beach attractions that visitors of all ages are sure to enjoy.

If you want to relax, Clearwater Beach may prove to be the right place for you too. This beach boasts cabanas, beach chairs and umbrellas that are available for rent, guaranteeing you can lie down and rest comfortably in warm, beautiful weather.

3. Siesta Beach

Perhaps best known for its sugar-fine, quartz white sand, Siesta Beach offers a beach experience all its own.

Siesta Beach consistently ranks among the best beaches in the United States, and it provides an unparalleled Sunshine State destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.

If you want to go kayaking, you can always launch a kayak from Siesta Beach. Or, if you want to conclude a beach trip with delicious seafood, you can sink your teeth into mouthwatering fare at one of the first-rate seafood restaurants located just minutes from the beach.

Clearly, there are many terrific beaches across Florida. And if you work with a real estate agent, you can quickly and effortlessly purchase a luxury residence near any of the aforementioned beaches.

A real estate agent will meet with you, find out where you'd like to live and help you map out your luxury home search. By doing so, this housing market professional will make it easy for you to find a luxury residence near South Beach, Clearwater Beach or any one of Florida's top beaches.

Also, a real estate agent won't settle for inferior results. If you're struggling to find your ideal luxury home along the Florida beachfront, a real estate agent will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you can locate your dream residence.

Take a look at some of the luxury homes available near Florida's top beaches, and you're sure to discover an outstanding residence that matches or exceeds your expectations.